Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ranting Page Inaugural Post

Heyyy! I'll be soooo back to blogging. You can really learn nothing about this blog. I'll just rant away all my troubles and frustrations in this page. I have so many acquaintances, you know, but few true and real friends. I don't talk that much to people because they don't have to be bothered by all my troubles. I have so many concerns with my life. I know, few read blogs. So I guess this is the safest place to raaaant. My twitter page starting to get crowded so I can't rant there anymore. I'll just post the link on my twitter instead!

Welcome dear! You, who happened to be unlucky enough to click the link. Hahaha. Stay tuned for my life and people updates. This will exactly be my thoughts. Happy reading! or not. hahah

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